MasterPozzolith RMC 4 - A water reducing plasticizing admixture for concrete

How does MasterPozzolith RMC 4 work?

MasterPozzolith RMC 4 is a powerful plasticizer based on polymers which disperses and deflocculates the cement particles within a concrete mix. It can be used to improve workability, without the addition of extra water, or to allow reductions in the free water content of the concrete mix. MasterPozzolith RMC 4 is extremely versatile in application and is effective over a wide range of mix designs and cement contents.

MasterPozzolith RMC 4 complies with ASTM C-494 Type A, B & D and EN 934-2 Tables 2 and 10

What is MasterPozzolith RMC 4 used for?

MasterPozzolith RMC 4 is used to increase and extend workability; increase compressive strength and effect cement economies. The wide dosage range of MasterPozzolith RMC 4 enables water reductions to produce a dense concrete with reduced permeability and reduced water penetration. MasterPozzolith RMC 4 is also used in areas of congested reinforcement where high workability is of benefit; wherever reduced water contents would be of benefit and in hot weather to extend workability.

What are the benefits of MasterPozzolith RMC 4?

MasterPozzolith RMC 4 has been formulated specifically for use in the Middle East climate and offers the following advantages:

  • Significantly improves the workability of a concrete therefore reducing placing time.
  • Enables economies in mix designs to be achieved.

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