MasterPozzolith RMC 10 - A low dosage retarding and plasticising admixture for concrete 


MasterPozzolith RMC 10 is a liquid admixture which acts on the cement particles in the mix, combining the effects of a powerful plasticiser and deflocculating agent with controlled retardation. 

What are the advantages of MasterPozzolith RMC 10?

  • Considerably extends vibration limit of concrete mixes thus reducing incidence of honeycombing and cold joints.
  • Reduces placing problems in hot weather concreting by improving workability and workability retention. 
  • Improves trowellability and surface finish. 
  • Improves pumpability of concrete.
  • Considerably reduces permeability.
  • Enables economies in mix designs to be achieved. 

Product Information

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