MasterProtect 1815 - Non-toxic, flexible high build, epoxy polysulfide coating

What is MasterProtect 1815?

MasterProtect 1815 is a protective flexible high build epoxy polysulfide resin coating specifically developed to protect concrete and steel from contact with aggressive chemicals, oils, mild acids, solvents and has a broad spectrum of chemical resistance.

Where is MasterProtect 1815 used?

For the internal protection of concrete or metal tanks containing sewage, sludge, certain chemicals, oils and fuel. As an impervious, resilient and chemically resistant floor or wall coating and as a gas and vapour barrier. As a protective and decorative coating in laboratories, abattoirs, etc. Other usage areas include oil refineries, paper mills, power stations, marine applications, garages, hospitals, hangars and most liquid containment areas.

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet

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MasterProtect 1815_TDS

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