MasterProtect 1860TIX - A single component, thixotropic putty for repair of blow holes and minor surface imperfections

How does MasterProtect 1860TIX work?

MasterProtect 1860TIX is a single component thixotropic putty for the filling of minor blow holes and surface imperfections in concrete surfaces that are to receive MasterProtect 1860 as a final finish. MasterProtect 1860TIX requires no mixing or diluting and can be applied directly from the opened container using a suitable flexible scrapper or palette knife.

Where is MasterProtect 1860TIX used for?

MasterProtect 1860TIX is to be used to close up minor surface blow holes in the concrete surfaces to be coated and closing of any pin holes in the first coat prior to application of the second coat. If the surface to be treated requires the use of a primer (see MasterProtect 1860 technical data sheet and method statement) it is advisable to apply the MasterProtect 1860TIX after the installation of the primer.

What are the benefits of MasterProtect 1860TIX?

  • Single component – no mixing required. 
  • Rapid hardening (air drying) 
  • Can be applied onto damp concrete surfaces. 
  • Waterproof – can be left temporarily exposed to rising tide if necessary. 
  • Easily sanded to a smooth finish.

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet

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