​MasterRoc RBA 387 - Highly reactive, thixotropic polyurea silicate injection resin for rock bolt installation 

How does MasterRoc RBA 387 works?

MasterRoc RBA 387 is a rapid reacting two component polyurea silicate injection resin specifically designed for rock bolt installations. Due to its unique thixotropic behavior it offers high flexibility which allows for overhead applications without additional sealing. 

Where is MasterRoc RBA 387 applied?

  • Resin-into-bolt rock bolting at all angles 
  • Bolt-into-resin rock bolting at all angles 

What are the benefits of MasterRoc RBA 387?

  • Secure and precise injection due to its thixotropic properties
  • Flexibility in application due to its unique thixotropic properties 
  • Increased reliability due to its full-size grouting
  • Mixes easily even in low temperatures > 5°C
  • High structural strength combined with flexibility
  • Injected material shows good adhesion to damp and low friction substrates
  • Neither expands its volume with water nor absorbs water
  • Keep people safe during bolting due to its fast curing and strength development

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet

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MasterRoc RBA 387 PART A SDS

pdf (110.04 Kb)

MasterRoc RBA 387 PART A SDS

pdf (110.04 Kb)

MasterRoc RBA 387 PART A SDS

pdf (110.04 Kb)

MasterRoc RBA 387 PART B SDS

pdf (109.98 Kb)

MasterRoc RBA 387 TDS

pdf (130.63 Kb)