MasterSeal 953 - PVC Flange for resin injection


MasterSeal 953 finishing element for synthetic liners made of polyvinyl chloride. 
It is composed of a pre-formed valve made of the same type of material. This can be connected to injection pipe and injection connector to enables control/repair of the compartmentalisation system.

What are the advantages of MasterSeal 953?

  • Flexibility to low temperatures
  • High Puncture resistance 
  • Will not rot 
  • Excellent Weldability
  • Long life expectancy

Where can MasterSeal 953 be applied?

  • MasterSeal 953 can be used in the following circumstances: 
  • Below ground building structures
  • Tunnels 
  • Water exclusion and protection of structures 

Product Information

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MasterSeal 953_TDS

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