MasterSeal M 881 - 2K-PU wear coat, for car park deck and waterproofing systems

What is MasterSeal M 881?

MasterSeal M 881 is a wear coat for use in car park deck waterproofing systems. It is solvent free, 2-component polyurethane and is slightly thixotropic so that it can be applied to ramps without the on-site addition of a thixotropic as well as to horizontal surfaces. It has a low consumption for economic use and exhibits an excellent bond to the waterproofing membrane.

MasterSeal M 881 is slightly elastic so that it can accommodate some movement of the deck. It has a tenacious hold onto the broadcast aggregate providing a hard wearing, skid resistant surface.

What is MasterSeal M 881 recommended use?

MasterSeal M 881 is primarily intended for use in car park deck waterproofing system MasterSeal Traffic 2205. MasterSeal M 881 can also be used in other systems where its excellent mechanical properties can be used to advantage.

Which are MasterSeal M 881 advantages?

  • Excellent bond to MasterSeal waterproofing membranes
  • Tenacious hold to broadcast aggregate
  • Slightly thixotropic for application to ramps
  • Withstands loads imposed by traffic
  • Resistant to fuels, battery acid and hydraulic oils
  • Low consumption

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet

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