MasterTile 706 – High performance epoxy adhesive

How does MasterTile 706 work?

MasterTile 706 is a two component epoxy resin based adhesive for permanent bedding of all types of tiles, natural stones and agglomerates, used wherever a high degree of chemical resistance and high mechanical properties are required.

What are the unique features of MasterTile 706?

MasterTile 706 is non-absorbent and at the same time resistant to chemicals. It protects sensitive substrates from water and moisture and is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and grinding loads. Due to its antibacterial properties, MasterTile 706 will not support bacterial growth in kitchens and swimming pools. It is superior to cement based joint grouts because it has a high mechanical strength and a low modulus of elasticity.

What is MasterTile 706 recommended for?

  • For indoor and outdoor use on walls and floors
  • For chemical-resistant and water impermeable laying of wall and floor coverings made of ceramic tiles, mosaic as well as bricks on renders, cement screeds, concrete and timber chipboards.
  • For ceramic coverings in dairies and bakeries, soft drink industries, industrial and canteen kitchens, butcheries, slaughter houses, fat processing industries, battery rooms, galvanization, electrical substations and plants rooms, dye works, bleaching works, tanneries, paper mills, laboratories and hospitals.
  • For laying of ceramic tiles in swimming pools, hot springs, baths in hospitals as well as for ceramic tiles in shower facilities or wellness areas.
  • For ceramic tiles in administration buildings, hotels, schools, toilets, sewage plants, sewers, cattle stabling and for stairs exposed to de-icing salt.

Product information

Technical Data Sheet

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MasterTile 706 white PART A SDS

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