MasterTop 100 - A cementitious pigmented floor hardener

How does MasterTop 100 work?

MasterTop 100 is a pre-mixed, dry-shake surface hardener and contains a hydraulic binder and specially graded mineral aggregates. The dry powder is broadcast over freshly laid concrete and is power-floated to produce a tough, smooth and coloured finish. MasterTop 100 is available in certain colours.

What is MasterTop 100 used for?

MasterTop 100 is designed for use in, but not limited to the following structures:

  • Aircraft hangars.
  • Basements and cellars.
  • Mechanical workshops.
  • Garage for light vehicles.
  • Storage rooms.
  • Corridors and halls.
  • Parking areas.
  • Loading platforms.

What are the benefits of MasterTop 100?

MasterTop 100 offers the following advantages:

  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • More consistent colour of finished concrete
  • Can be used to suppress fibres in steel-fibre reinforced floors.

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet

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