MasterTop 1324 - Seamless, self-smoothing heavy duty polyurethane based flooring system

How does MasterTop 1324 work?

MasterTop 1324 is a multi-component, polyurethane based system for the protection of concrete floors subject to high levels of traffic, impact and abrasion. Its enhanced flexibility provides excellent impact resistance and reduces the risk of cracking due to substrate movement. MasterTop 1324 is available in smooth or slip-resistant profile.

What is MasterTop 1324 recommended for?

Due to its excellent impact resistance, MasterTop 1324 is recommended for industrial floors, which require a matt, durable abrasion-resistant finish such as loading bay areas, production/assembly halls, exhibition halls, hospitals and schools, warehouses, service corridors, aircraft hangars…

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet

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MasterTop BC 375NAS_TDS: MasterTop 1324 | Polyurethane based flooring system

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Technical Datasheet MasterTop TC 442 W: MasterTop 1324 | Polyurethane based flooring system

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