MasterTop 135 PG 

Pumpable & pourable mortar for flooring overlay 


MasterTop 135PG is a ready-to-use, pumpable, pourable, screedable and high-strength cement based overlay for floors in indoor and outdoor. 

Where is MasterTop 135 PG applied?

  • Use on rough concrete and cementitious floor screeds, as well as other suitable substrates. 
  • Industrial floors with normal loading. 
  • Where a mortar with high final strength similar in colour to concrete is desired. 
  • Reprofiling of horizontal surfaces as industrial inside and outside floors, etc. 

What are the advantages of MasterTop 135 PG ?

  • An economical, ready-to-use cement based flooring overlay, that hardens free of bleeding at following consistency: from flowable to high plastic.
  • A mortar that retains good workability for at least 30 minutes at 15 to 25°C. 
  • Used as either a stand-alone final floor finish or as an underlayment prior to installation of tile, stone etc. in internal, external, wet and dry locations. 
  • A ready-to-use product, water is added on site. 
  • The use of a high-yield mortar pump (screw pump) allows the prepared product to be pumped without segregation. 
  • Can simply be poured out and distributed.  The mortar will cure without blisterings. 
  • Bonded system onto fresh or cured concrete.

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