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    Enershield Air - Water Resistive Barriers

    Where does the need of Air / Water Resistive Barriers come from? 

    With the introduction of air leakage requirements in regional building codes it is now recognized that uncontrolled air leakage through the building enclosure can have a significant impact on energy costs. 

    In the Arabian Gulf states, air in buildings is conditioned for comfort purposes. The air is cooled and dehumidified to a lower temperature and humidity than the exterior environment. When this conditioned air leaks out and unconditioned air leaks in to a building, additional energy is required. 

    What makes Enershield a unique solution?

    ENERSHIELD Air/ water resistive barrier assemblies from BASF are designed to meet the needs of architects, contractors and building owners based on four key concepts:

    Efficient use of premium materials 

    ENERSHIELD products utilize high-quality elastomeric polymers formulated to provide a balance of strength, resilience, abrasion-resistance, water-resistance and controlled water vapor permeability. These properties combine to create high performance at low film thicknesses.

    Where extra strength is needed, special sheathing fabric saturated with ENERSHIELD creates a fabric-reinforced composite material with self-gauging thickness and super toughness.

    One air barrier material for all wall systems

     When more than one exterior cladding is used on a building, for example brick and EIFS, in many cases different air barrier materials are used behind each cladding. Window rough openings may also require special treatments. In these cases, responsibility for material transitions may be left unspecified. ENERSHIELD assemblies are designed for use behind all claddings and as rough window treatments, creating a seamless air/water-resistive barrier and flashing system for all walls on a given project.

    Extensive testing to validate performance

    ENERSHIELD products meet test requirements associated with the International Code Council's Acceptance Criteria for water-resistive barrier and flexible flashing materials. Testing performed according to ASTM E2357 Air Leakage of Air Barrier Assemblies has demonstrated that ENERSHIELD® assemblies provide air barrier performance substantially superior to Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) requirements.

    Safety and sustainability

    ENERSHIELD-HP and ENERSHIELD™-I are high-solids, water-based, single component materials with very low VOC content. As applied, they are nonflammable. Once cured, they have an ASTM E84 Class 1 flame spread rating. ENERSHIELD products are designed to minimize their contribution of combustible materials to wall assemblies. Both ENERSHIELD-HP and ENERSHIELD-I provide NFPA 285 compliance and ASTM E84 Class A performance without use of halogen or phosphorus flame retardants

    Enershield Global Website                 

    If you'd like to find out more about the ENERSHIELD brand, please visit its global website

    Enershield application 

    Enershield Products


    Block Filler


    Vapor Permeable Air/Water-Resistive Barrier Membrane


    Air/Water-Resistive Barrier Membrane Class 1 Vapor Retarder

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    Brochure - Enershield Introduction: Enershield

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    Brochure - Enershield HP: Enershield

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    Brochure - Enershield I: Enershield

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