Ucrete DP – Slip resistant and chemical resistant industrial floor

How does Ucrete DP work?

Unique Heavy Duty Polyurethane resin technology with exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, heavy impact and extreme temperatures – this is Ucrete DP. Ucrete DP is a family of products that can be applied in a range of thicknesses and surface profiles to ensure the correct level of slip, temperature and chemical resistance.

What makes Ucrete DP a unique solution?

The adjustable surface profile can be altered to match the slip resistance with the hazard without compromising the chemical and impact resistance nor the cleanability of the floor. Ucrete is seen as the benchmark for wet process area floors and in this area Ucrete DP has no equal

Specifically designed to meet European slip resistance standards accepted worldwide as the benchmark for process safety in wet and slippery environments.

Ucrete DP meets customer demands in various industry sectors where robust long lived floors are required

Ucrete DP is dense and impervious providing an ideal floor finish for applications in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries and wherever a robust long lived floor is required.

For example meat and poultry processing create not only severe environment with fats and aggressive fluids but are also hazardous with the chance of slipping always present.

Using Ucrete DP you can reduce the slipping risk as well as have a floor that will resist the attack from blood and fats. Ideal for all wet food processing areas.

As all Ucrete products, Ucrete DP has been accredited for use in facilities covered by HACCP accreditation.

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