MasterBrace 4500 - Two component, High strength saturating resin for MasterBrace fabric sheets

How does MasterBrace 4500 work?

MasterBrace 4500 is a 100% solids long potlife blue pigmented epoxy resin for saturation of MasterBrace fibre sheet to form insitu FibeReinforced Polymer composites.

Recommended uses:

  • MasterBrace 4500 is used to saturate the
  • MasterBrace carbon, glass or aramid fabric sheets to create a composite with the structure
  • MasterBrace composites can be used to increase flexural, shear, and axial load capacity
  • Increased impact resistance and to provide blast mitigation
  • Reduction of crack propagation and increased resistance to fatigue

What makes MasterBrace 4500 a unique solution?

MasterBrace 4500 enables structural strengthening of RCC structures without increase in size

What are the features and benefits of MasterBrace 4500?

  • Excellent adhesion to fabric and primed concrete – Provides true composite with the substrate.
  • Solvent free – Low VOC and non-shrink
  • Pre-packaged – avoids on site errors ensuring quality control
  • Low viscosity – ensures complete saturation and easy application to the fabric
  • Cures at low temperatures – suitable for a range of climates


MasterBrace 4500: Technical Data Sheet (Mar 2013)

pdf (54.27 Kb)