MasterBrace Fibers - Carbon and Glass Fiber sheets used for FRP structural strengthening


How does MasterBrace Fibers work?

MasterBrace Fiber sheets are encapsulated in MasterBrace 4500 resin to form a structural composite to yield a range of high performance features. The MasterBrace Fiber range includes unidirectional carbon and glass fiber.

Recommended uses:

  • MasterBrace composites can be used to
  • increase flexural, shear, and axial load capacity on number.
  • Increased impact resistance and to provide blast mitigation.
  • Reduction of crack propagation and increased resistance to fatigue.
  • MasterBrace is ideal for a variety of structures including:
  • Concrete/Masonry Walls, beams and slabs
  • Columns and chimneys
  • Silos and tanks
  • Pipes and tunnels
  • Strengthening of heritage structures.
  • Seismic Strengthening

What makes MasterBrace Fibers a unique solution?

MasterBrace Fiber sheets enables structural strengthening of RCC structures without increase in size

What are the features and benefits of MasterBrace Fibers?

  • High strength to weight ratio – provides additional strength without adding to the ‘dead load’ of a structure
  • Carbon and Glass– allows ‘tailor made’ designs for a wide range of applications
  • Lightweight – easily applied using hand techniques
  • Fast curing – quick installation avoiding costly downtime of structures or buildings
  • Simple installation – can be applied in-situ on structures in use


MasterBrace Fibers: Technical Data Sheet (Mar 2013)

pdf (113.78 Kb)