MasterInject 1315 - Low viscosity epoxy resin with long potlife for crack injection

How does MasterInject 1315 work?

MasterInject 1315 is a low viscosity epoxy resin based crack injection resin system long mixed potlife designed for sealing cracks in concrete and restoring its structural integrity

Recommended uses:

  • Stabilized cracks in structural members
  • Sealing of cracks from 0.1mm to 10mm
  • Unfilled voids behind tiles or stone facades
  • Bonding of steel plates to concrete
  • Rapid structural repair of concrete
  • Grouting dowels.

What makes MasterInject 1315 a unique solution?

MasterInject 1315 is a low viscosity, high strength epoxy grout which enables filling of very fine cracks.

What are the features and benefits of MasterInject 1315?

  • Solvent free - Low VOC and non-shrink
  • Pre-proportioned packaging - No job site errors
  • Low viscosity - Easy to inject into fine cracks
  • High bond strength to concrete - Can restore the structural integrity of the concrete
  • Cures hard at low temperatures - Wide ​application range
  • High heat deflection temperature – Suitable for high ambient temperature environments


MasterInject 1315 PART A SDS

pdf (115.75 Kb)

MasterInject 1315: Technical Data Sheet (Mar 2013)

pdf (49.03 Kb)