​MasterPozzolith R 138 – Water reducing and set retarding

How does MasterPozzolith R 138 work?

MasterPozzolith R 138 reduces the amount of mixing water in plastic concrete and increases its strength. It can increase the slump without adding water. It also retards the setting times and thus facilitates easier placement and finishing. It is recommended for all types of concrete where retardation of set and improved performance are required.

MasterPozzolith R 138 meets the requirements of ASTM C494, Type B and Type D, and SS EN 934, Set retarding/water reducing/plasticizing admixtures.

What makes MasterPozzolith R 138 a unique solution?

MasterPozzolith R 138 maintains workability at high temperatures. It helps to eliminate the need for re-tempering thus assuring consistent concrete performance, no loss of concrete strength and no rejections of concrete when placing.

How can you benefit from MasterPozzolith R 138?

Highly flowable yet stable concrete mix result in reducing placement times and saving project time as well as labour resources

Maintaining the workability of the concrete, even at high temperatures, allows the material to be placed quickly and efficiently whilst ensuring consistency. The consistent workability of the concrete enables placement and finishing leading to easier operations, less wastage and time savings.​​

MasterPozolith R 138 provides good cohesion that reduces segregation among the concrete mix. It helps to ensures good homogeneity whilst maintaining workability thus improving the finishing characteristics.


MasterPozzolith R 138: Technical Data Sheet

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