MasterSet 100HC - Liquid hydration inhibitor for concrete


How does MasterSet 100 HC work?

MasterSet 100 HC is a ready-to-use, liquid admixture for making more uniform and predictable high performance concrete while retarding its setting time by controlling the hydration of portland cement and other cementitious materials to facilitate extended placing and finishing operations.

Recommended Uses

  • Pumped concrete, wet-mix shotcrete and conventionally placed concrete
  • Plain, reinforced, precast, prestressed, lightweight and normal weight concrete
  • Stabilisation of concrete wash water
  • Stabilisation of returned plastic concrete
  • Stabilisation of freshly batched concrete for long hauls

What makes MasterSet 100 HC a unique solution?

It is a cost-effective alternative to the disposal of return plastic concrete and concrete wash water. It also enables possibilities of maintaining fresh properties in long haul supplies due to traffic congestion and deep tunnels and mines.

How can you benefit from MasterSet 100 HC?

The set-retarding characteristics of MasterSet 100 HC aid in the production of concrete with the following special qualities:

  • Improved workability
  • Reduced segregation
  • Superior finishing characteristics for flatwork
  • Moderate to extended retardation
  • Provides flexibility in the scheduling of placing and finishing operations
  • Offsets the effects of too-early hardening during extended delays between mixing and placing
  • Helps eliminate cold joints
  • Allows for dead-load deflection to take place (before concrete sets) in extended pours for bridge decks, cantilevers, non shored structural elements, etc.
  • Lowers peak temperature and/or rate of temperature rise in mass concrete
  • Reduces thermal cracking
  • Effective as a single admixture or as a component in a BASF admixture system


MasterSet 100 HC Technical Data Sheet

pdf (78.32 Kb)