​Building Central Section of Western High-Speed Diameter with BASF solutions

Thanks to the contribution of BASF’s Construction Chemicals division and BaltMonolitStroy, a partner-retailer, the Central Section of Western High-Speed Diameter in Saint Petersburg was put into operation on December 2, 2016.

The new highway makes it possible to cross Saint Petersburg within 20 minutes. The Central Section of Western High-Speed Diameter is 11.57 km long and includes a viaduct consisting of a 2,081-meter overland section and a 5,297-meter offshore section, 620 meters' and 580 meters' cable bridges, a 168-meter bridge across the Sea Channel, 2,417 meters of process embankments and a 407-meter tunnel.

The Western High-Speed Diameter is the biggest investment project of strategic importance that determines the development of Saint Petersburg as a major world-class transport hub. The construction process involved consumption of about 800.000 cubic meters of concrete. More than 10,000 concrete piles were produced, a part of them is driven into soil to a depth of 44 m. For implementation of all the works, BASF selected compounds for self-consolidating concretes and concretes with increased freeze-thaw durability.

The required concrete adjustment was performed throughout the construction in response to variation in the quality of raw binding materials. For convenience and optimization of on-site concrete works, technical regulation was developed on application of additives in the concrete from BASF.

"We have been working with BASF and its partner BaltMonolitStroy since 2013. The quality of Master Builders Solutions products was consistently high throughout the implementation of the project”, said Serhat Yağci, Director General of ICA Astaldi, the main contractor. Works with the use of BASF concrete additives, protective materials, and — among others — shrink-proof compounds for high-precision cementation were carried out at the most critical road segments. He continued: “We recommend BASF materials for solving most diverse tasks, from obtaining high technical characteristics of concrete mix and concrete to structural repair of any complexity."

Effectively adjusted concrete mixes made it possible to meet the tight deadlines and requirements for quality of grouting, as well as to solve complicated construction and process tasks. For example MasterRoc MP 650 fast-setting injection micro cement was used in underground contractions. Reinforcement and enclosures were installed with the use of MasterFlow 935 chemical anchoring mortar.
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