Polymeric coatings conquer the commercial real estate market

Over the past five years, the use of polymeric flooring for parking areas has become a trend in the Russian commercial and housing development. “It is the most rapid-growing segment in the national market of poured polymeric coatings. And although the proportion of facilities using this solution is relatively small so far, its stable positive dynamics prove that developers are changing their priorities,“ says Alexey Rovensky, CCO of the construction division of BASF, the world’s leading manufacturer of construction chemical.

According to the expert, it is the parking lots that can pave the way for the mass distribution of poured polymeric flooring in the commercial development. For the moment, they account for approximately 2% of the market, the total volume of which is 300 million sq. m. It is one order less than in Europe, where the percentage of polymer coatings is 20%. However, starting from 2013, the russian market in this sector has grown by 5% despite the difficult economic situation.

The technology has become a mainstream in the business and premium class residential property market segment, which is not surprising since buildings of this category often have their own parking lots. Thus, the use of MasterTop 1324 coating in the underground parking area of “Klenovy Dom” (“Maple House”) apartment homes in Khamovniki, Moscow, allowed to create a modern parking lot that meets all safety, aesthetics and functionality requirements, based on the old foundation. Sloping ramps experiencing the most severe load were coated with super thick MasterTop 1324R with enhanced skid resistant properties. Similar solutions have been used in the parking lot of the new business district “Krasnaya Rosa” (“Red Rose”) in T. Frunze street, and in Stockmann shopping mall recently opened in St. Petersburg.

“Thus far, the technology is equally in demand both in the repairing market and in greenfield development. Their proportions are 48% and 52% respectively. The demand owes not only to increased durability and strength. Some polymeric coatings also have the ability to heal concrete cracks preventing the entrance of water, oil, fuel and other corrosive liquids destroying concrete,“ says Alexey Rovensky (BASF).

In the opinion of Andrey Pustovgar, President of the Association of Polymeric Flooring Manufacturers, MSUCE Vice Rector, Ph.D. in Technical Sciences, Professor, the technology has great potential far beyond parking lots. In particular, it provides opportunities to create customized interiors and visual representation.

“Polymeric coatings allow to create the desired texture for different areas. Depending on the goal, floors can be reflective, fluorescent, colorful, glossy, mat-finished, and of different thickness. All this enhances navigation capability in the building, allows to create special areas and to find new ways of reflecting cultural trends and corporate identity. In addition, polymeric floors are hypoallergenic and collect less dust than any other coatings. We believe that this technology can successfully compete with solutions such as tile, industrial carpet and linoleum in the commercial real estate segment,“ the expert noted.

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