​Reinforced concrete hyperboloid cooling tower, RUE Minskenergo

MasterEmaco, MasterSeal, MasterProtect

Project: Reinforced concrete hyperboloid cooling tower, RUE Minskenergo, TPP-4 unit
Location: Minsk, Republic of Belarus
Project schedule: May–October, 2015
Customer: RUE Minskenergo
Project designer: ZAO Belspecenergo
Principal contractor: Minskenergospecremont subsidiary of RUE Minskenergo
Sub-contractor: ZAO Belspecenergo
Materials used:
MasterEmaco P 5000 AP: 1 920 kg
MasterEmaco S5400: 274,140 kg
MasterSeal 588: 33,180 kg
MasterProtect 330 El: 8,415 kg
MasterEmaco S466: 8,190 kg
Project description
The reinforced concrete hyperboloid cooling tower is one of the four cooling towers of Minsk TPP-4, the largest in the Republic of Belarus. The area of the external cooling tower shell is 12,000 sq m. The cooling tower has been operated since 1985 and was last repaired in 2005.