Here you can find detailed information about our products. Our portfolio encompasses admixture systems as well as construction systems.

Our Segments and Products

Repair, Protection and Grouting Systems

MasterBrace — Solutions for concrete strengthening
MasterEmaco — Solutions for concrete repair
MasterFlow — Solutions for precision grouting
MasterProtect — Solutions for concrete protection

Waterproofing Systems and Sealants

MasterSeal — Solutions for waterproofing and sealing

Performance Flooring Solutions

MasterTop — Solutions for industrial and commercial floors
Ucrete — Flooring solutions for harsh environments

Admixtures for Concrete

MasterCast — Solutions for the manufactured concrete product industry
MasterFinish — Solutions for formwork treatment
MasterGlenium — Hyperplasticiser formulated from state-of-the-art polymers for ultimate performance
MasterKure — Solutions for concrete curing
MasterLife — Solutions for enhanced durability
MasterMatrix — Advanced rheology control solutions for self-consolidating concrete
MasterPolyheed — High-performance superplasticiser utilising latest-generation polymers
MasterPozzolith — Solutions for water-reduced concrete
MasterRheobuild — High-range superplasticiser for concrete

Underground Construction Solutions

MasterRoc — Solutions for underground construction

Tiling Solutions

MasterTile — Solutions for tiling systems


Product Catalogue

Product Catalogue

Master Builders Solutions

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