MasterEmaco N 900 — Non shrink, fast hardening thixotropic dry mix with polyacronitrile fibers for finishing of concrete

Formerly: Emaco 90

Application thickness is 3–20 mm

How does MasterEmaco N 900 work?

MasterEmaco N 900 is ready-to-use cement and fractioned sand based product. Modified with polyacronitrile (PAN) fibers. Maximum grain size is 0,7 mm. Mixed with water, it provides a rheoplastic, non-segregating, thixotropic mortar with high bond to concrete.

MasterEmaco N 900 is solid, impermeable and extremely durable even in highly aggressive ambients. It is recommended for concrete finishing, restoration and protective properties making. Application thickness from 3 up to 20 mm.

Recommended application of MasterEmaco N 900

  • Repair and finishing of concrete and reinforced concrete constructions;
  • Repair of nonactive cracks with 1 mm opening;
  • Concrete surfaces smoothing during current repair and new building;
  • Protection of concrete against aggressive waters containing sulphates, sulphides, chlorides, etc.;
  • Smoothing of civil and industrial floors subjected to easy and medium loads.


MasterEmaco N 900 : Technical Data Sheet (February 2016)

pdf (58.83 Kb)