​MasterEmaco® S 488 — Shrinkage compensated, fast-hardening thixotropic dry mortar reinforced with polymer fiber, intended for structural repair of concrete and reinforced concrete. The application thickness in one layer is 20 to 40 mm

Formerly:  EMACO S 88 C

MasterEmaco S 488 is a ready-to-use dry mortar with a maximum aggregate size of 2.5 mm. When mixed with water, it forms a thixotropic, non-laminating mortar with good adhesion to steel and concrete. MasterEmaco S 488 is a shrinkage compensated material both in the plastic and in the hardened state. MasterEmaco S 488 does not contain metal aggregates and chlorides. In repair operations, the material is recommended to be applied onto the surface with a trowel or by spraying in a single 20-40 mm thick layer. If a thicker repair layer is required, several layers shall be applied. 

Recommended use

  • Repair of reinforced or pre-stressed beams;
  • Repair of damaged and destroyed elements of concrete and reinforced concrete structures;
  • Repair of elements of load-bearing structures, bridge supports, etc., exposed to repeatedloads;
  • Repair of machine shop structures, especially at points containing a lot of mineral oils and lubricants;
  • Berth repair in ports;
  • Repair of vertical and overhead surfaces;
  • Chimney refractory lining repair;
  • Recovery of protective layers of reinforced concrete structures. 


MasterEmaco S 488: Technical Data Sheet (February 2016)

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