MasterEmaco® S 540 FR — Shrinkage compensated, fast-hardening dry mortar reinforced with polymer and brass-plated steel fiber, intended for structural repair of concrete and reinforced concrete structures. The application thickness is 20 to 60 mm

Formerly:  EMACO SFR

MasterEmaco S 540 FR is a ready-to-use dry mortar. Maximum filler size in MasterEmaco S 540 FR is 2.5 mm. When mixed with water, it forms a rheoplastic, pourable and non-laminating mortar with good adhesion to steel and concrete. 

MasterEmaco S 540 FR may be applied in a layer with a thickness of up to 60 mm without additional reinforcement. The inclusion of brass-plated steel fiber, constraining crack propagation, is another feature of the mortar. Due to this feature, the product processes high flexural strength, high resistance to dynamic impacts, and high fatigue strength. MasterEmaco S 540 FR is a sulphate resistant concrete. 

Recommended use

MasterEmaco S 540 FR is used without additional reinforcement in constructing special civil elements, which require multidirectional reinforcement. It may be used in the following cases: 
  • Repair of surfaces exposed to high loads, highways or airports (while leaving existing joints); 
  • In all structures exposed to impact and live loads (bunkers and bomb shelters), since it provides bearing capacity of the structure even after cracking; 
  • During the construction of structural, earthquake-resistant elements (such as columns and beam connections), due to its residual post-cracking strength. 
Placing MasterEmaco S 540 FR onto fresh concrete is not allowed. 


MasterEmaco S 540 FR: Technical Data Sheet (February 2016)

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MasterEmaco S 540FR SDS

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