MasterEmaco T 1100 TIX — Non-shrink fast-hardening thixotropic mortar, containing a polymer fiber, designed for a structural repair of concrete and reinforced concrete under tight schedule. It may be used at the ambient temperatures as low as -10°C

Formerly: Emaco Fast Tixo

​What is MasterEmaco T 1100 TIX?

MasterEmaco T 1100 TIX is a ready-to-use product available in the form of a dry concrete mortar with a maximum aggregate size of 2.5 mm. When mixed with water, it forms a reoplastic, thixotropic, non-segregating compound with a high adhesion to steel and concrete, even if used in hostile environments. MasterEmaco T 1100 TIX is a non-shrink product both in a plastic and hardened state.

MasterEmaco T 1100 TIX does not contain metal aggregates and chlorides. While performing repair operations, the product is recommended to be applied onto the surface by spraying or using a trowel, to the total thickness of 10 to 100 mm. MasterEmaco T 1100 TIX is recommended for use in cases where the strength build-up rate is the most important requirement (as well as hardening at low temperatures without additional warming).

MasterEmaco T 1100 TIX is used in the temperature range from -10°C to +30°C.

Depending on the ambient temperature, summer formulations for the use in the temperature range from +17° C to +30° C and winter formulations (W) for the use in the temperature range from +17°C to -10°C are available.

Recommended use

MasterEmaco T 1100 TIX is recommended for the use in the following cases:

  • Repair of hydraulic structures and water transport facilities;
  • Repair of concrete slabs of roads and airfields;
  • Repair of machine shop coatings, especially in the mineral oil and lubricant spill areas;
  • Repair of reinforced (including pre-stressed) structures - girders, supports, bridge plates, etc.;
  • Repair (rehabilitation) of concrete, exposed to aggressive environments containing chloride and sulfate ions;
  • Repair of vertical and ceiling surfaces without formwork construction

On the ceiling or vertical surface, it is recommended to apply a layer of material of up to 100 mm. A layer of up to 50 mm is allowed to be applied in one pass. The second layer is applied, when the fingers, pressing the layer, do not drown and only leave a light footprint on it.
While repairing horizontal and inclined surfaces, the material may be applied with a maximum layer thickness of 100mm in one pass. 


MasterEmaco T 1100 TIX: Technical Data Sheet (February 2016)

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