MasterRheobuild PC 3000 — Integral Superplasticizer Admixture – curing agent for prefabricated reinforced concrete products and structures

Formerly: Rheobuild PC 3000

MasterRheobuild PC 3000 is used for concrete mixes of any flowability classes both for production of prefabricated reinforced concrete products and structures, where early stripping, transfer and handling strengths are required. It is allowed using it for production of ready-mix concrete, where there is no need in longstanding flowability.


  • High plasticizing effect;
  • High water-reducing effect;
  • Compatible with any type of cement;
  • Low-sensitivity to quality of inert materials;
  • Improved early and final strength;
  • Reduced duration and/or temperature of vapor curing results in saving of energy for vapor curing;
  • Contains no chloride, does not cause corrosion of rebar;


MasterRheobuild PC 3000 SDS

pdf (86.55 Kb)

MasterRheobuild PC 3000: Technical Data Sheet (February 2016)

pdf (48.83 Kb)