​MasterTop 135 PG — concrete floor installations needing increase impact and wear resistance

Formerly: Mastertop 135P

What is and where to use MasterTop 135 PG?

MasterTop 135 PG is a cementitous topping applied on fresh and/or cured concrete floors. MasterTop 135 PG is used when floors require added protection over plain concrete from the demands of heavy duty industrial traffic and or loading barrier, and it offers increased resistance to scaling due to freeze-thaw cycles or to exposure to de-icing salts.

What makes MasterTop 135 PG a unique solution?

MasterTop 135 PG will give the concrete floor up to four (4) times greater wear & abrasion resistance than plain concrete and natural aggregate toppings.

MasterTop 135 PG increases the strength of the concrete surface, giving up 8 times longer serviceable life of plain concrete and natural aggregate toppings.

  • An economical, ready-to-use cement based flooring overlay, that hardens free of bleeding at following consistency: from flowable to high plastic.
  • A mortar that retains good workability for at least 30 minutes at 20 to 25°C.
  • Resistant to alkaline surroundings
  • A ready-to-use product, water is added on site.
  • The use of a high-yield mortar pump (screw pump) allows the prepared product to be pumped without segregation.
  • Can simply be poured out and distributed.
  • The mortar will cure without blistering.