MasterBrace composite strengthening systems

How does the MasterBrace product system work?

MasterBrace is an innovative repair and strengthening system based on fiber reinforced polymer composites that provide additional stability to structural elements. It is used directly on the parts where the load-bearing capacity needs to be improved and reinforced strength is required. MasterBrace is also part of our brand of specialty structural repair adhesives for segmental bridge rehabilitation and construction.

What makes MasterBrace strengthening system a unique solution?

The MasterBrace system comes with the complete system support provided by the Master Builders Solutions experts from BASF. Through our dedicated team of engineers and technical support force, the MasterBrace composite strengthening system ensures successful installation with specification and design support, contractor training and on-site testing.

MasterBrace is engineered to be used anywhere additional reinforcement and strengthening is needed for:

  • Upgrading the load bearing capacities of concrete and masonry structures.
  • Restoring the capacity of concrete structures due to deterioration.
  • Correcting design or construction errors.
  • Extending a building or structure.

Cases of seismic retrofit or damage from impact.

MasterBrace Products

MasterBrace ADH 1441

Epoxy adhesive for segmental construction

MasterBrace ADH 2200

High strength, non-flow, epoxy bedding and repair mortar

MasterBrace ADH 2300

Very high strength, non-flow, epoxy resin based putty cum crack sealer

MasterBrace ADH 8900

Single-component polyurethane-based adhesive to bond TPO/FPO and PVC-P membranes

​MasterBrace ADH 1000

High performance styrene free epoxyacrylate based fixing compound

​MasterBrace ADH 1414

Epoxy bonding agent for concrete repairs, bonding concrete to concrete, steel and granolithic toppings

MasterBrace ADH 4000

Adhesive for MasterBrace LAM Fibre Reinforced Polymer Strengthening Systems

MasterBrace FIB

Unidirectional High Strength Fiber Fabrics for the MasterBrace Composite Strengthening System

MasterBrace LAM

High Strength and High Modulus Unidirectional Pultruded Carbon Fiber Laminates for strengthening reinforced concrete structures

MasterBrace SAT 4500

Resin for MasterBrace FIB Fibre Reinforced Polymer Strengthening systems


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Brochure - Green Sense Concrete: MasterBrace

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