​MasterKure Curing Agents

How do MasterKure curing agents work?

The MasterKure product family is a comprehensive range of curing agents that form a protective film over fresh concrete to retain moisture and to maximize the hydration potential of the cement, resulting in optimum strength development and durability.

What makes MasterKure a unique solution?

By maintaining moist conditions within the concrete element, MasterKure promotes more complete hydration of the concrete. The properly cured concrete is then typically stronger and exhibits a dust free surface with a reduced potential of drying shrinkage cracks.

Having the right admixture partner is vital for success.

The MasterKure product family comes with the Master Builders Solutions technical support team from BASF. By listening to our customers and working closely with them we are able to introduce new and exciting products and develop specific solutions for the most efficient and cost-effective concrete production.

MasterKure Products 

MasterKure 106

Water based concrete curing compound/bond breaker

MasterKure 107

Water based concrete curing compound, white pigmented for solar reflectance

MasterKure 111 CF

Evaporation retardant and finishing aid

MasterKure 181

An Acrylic resin based multi-role curing, sealing and protective membrane for concrete

MasterKure 181S

Silane siloxane resin based protective treatment for concrete

MasterKure 181SW

Silane siloxane resin based protective treatment for concrete


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