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    MasterProtect - Coatings and corrosion inhibitors

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    How do MasterProtect products work?

    Concrete protection is crucial for the longevity of concrete structures and the return of damaged surfaces back to their original appearance and design function. The MasterProtect product system offers long-term protection and durability to structures, protecting them for years to come.

    What makes the MasterProtect product systems unique?

    The MasterProtect system includes a range of high-performance water repellents, elastomeric and high build anti-carbonation and chemical resistant coatings that counter challenging weather conditions, environmental contaminants and corrosive elements.

    The portfolio also includes a special range of corrosion inhibitors such as galvanic anodes and surface applied corrosion inhibitors that are formulated to permeate the concrete and control corrosion directly at the steel reinforcement.

    The MasterProtect system support offers the most cost-effective solution.

    Our experts are committed to giving you the right information and most cost-effective solution for your protection or restoration challenge. By diagnosing the right products to protect against the ingress of carbon dioxide, water and chloride ions from the start, we can significantly enhance your structure’s value and service life, and avoid further deterioration and spalling.

    Some MasterProtect ​​products might be available regionally​, please click here​.​

    MasterProtect Products

    Protective Coatings

    MasterProtect 180

    A non-toxic solvent free high build, protective epoxy resin coating

    MasterProtect 1812

    Amine-cured, pitch free epoxy

    MasterProtect 1813

    Amine-cured, pitch free epoxy

    MasterProtect 1816

    Non-toxic, flexible high build, epoxy polysulfide coating for potable water

    MasterProtect 190

    A two component solvent free high build flexible epoxy polyurethane resin coating system

    MasterProtect 300

    Pigmented, elastomeric and protective waterproof and anti-carbonation coating for concrete and concrete structures
    Protective Liners

    MasterProtect 1890

    A high build epoxy liner for applications where abrasion and chemical resistance are required

    MasterProtect 1815

    A non-toxic, flexible high build, epoxy polysulfide coating

    MasterProtect 1817

    A non-toxic, flexible high build, epoxy polysulfide coating for wholesome water

    MasterProtect 1892

    High performance corrosion resistant vinyl ester coating

    MasterProtect 1896

    High performance corrosion resistant vinyl ester coating

    MasterProtect H 380

    Solvent based silane siloxane primer and penetrative water repellent protective treatment for concrete and masonry

    MasterProtect P 1895

    High performance corrosion resistant vinyl ester primer

    ​MasterProtect 1891

    High build epoxy resin mortar, specifically designed for vertical and overhead applications


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