MasterPozzolith - Ready-to-use water-reducing admixtures for lower strength concrete.

How does MasterPozzolith work?

The established MasterPozzolith product family is a series of water-reducing admixtures that maximize the performance of lower strength concrete. These products, based on specific chemistry and dosage can reduce water and influence setting characteristics to desired levels. The result is quality concrete with good finishing properties for standard applications.

What makes MasterPozzolith a unique solution for customers?

These water-reducing admixtures can be used to increase slump and workability of concrete without adding water, or reduce water contents of concrete, thereby increasing strength while maintaining slump. The result is more workable concrete for contractors, or increased performance for applications requiring higher strength.

Having the right admixture partner is vital for success.

MasterPozzolith R 148

MasterPozzolith R 148 delays the initial hydration of cement thus retarding setting times and extending workability.

MasterPozzolith R 300

MasterPozzolith R 300 retards the setting time to facilitate pumping, placing and finishing.


MasterPozzolith R 138: Technical Data Sheet

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MasterPozzolith R 148: Technical Data Sheet

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MasterPozzolith R 300: Technical Data Sheet

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Project Reference: Marina Coastal Expressway: MasterPozzolith

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