MasterProtect 160 - Protective & architectural acrylic anti carbonation coating


How does MasterProtect 160 work?

MasterProtect  160 achieves high aesthetics for quality structures. It is available in a wide range of colors. MasterProtect 160 is used for the protection of concrete facades, walls, bridge parapets, balconies, columns, beams etc. against carbonation of concrete.

What makes MasterProtect 160 a unique solution?

MasterProtect 160 meets the customer need for a decorative anti carbonation coating to both protect and extend the life of the structure.

How can you benefit from MasterProect 160?

  • UV resistant and waterproof – Provides long life protecting the concrete from carbonation
  • Permeable to vapour – Does not allow moisture to build up behind the product stopping damage to coating by osmosis
  • Decorative and dirt repellent – Aesthetically pleasing as well as providing protection.
  • High CO2 and SO2 diffusion resistance – Long term protection of repairs of existing structures with only two coats
  • Available in a wide colour range – Match functional requirements and the need for aesthetics.
  • Materials that create a hydrophobic surfaces on concrete (MasterProtect 360) can be used as primers to give double the protection – Double the protection without compromising adhesion to the surface.