Mastering underground construction challenges with MasterRoc

The MasterRoc product range is comprised of market-leading innovations and application expertise for the tunneling and mining industries. Our reliable, customer focused solutions include several outstanding technologies:

  • Sprayed concrete performance enhancers including: accelerators, fibers, slump retainers, and plasticizers.
  • Sprayable bonded waterproofing membranes that form a unique and integral part of composite tunnel lining designs.
  • Injection and membrane technologies delivering safety, economy and performance to the mining and tunneling industries.
  • Leading range of chemical technologies that ensures the safe and economical operation of tunnel boring machines.

What makes MasterRoc a unique solution for customers?

The MasterRoc product range is designed to be a single source for all of our customers' underground construction needs. In addition to a wide range of products, our globally connected team assists our customers in selecting the right products and systems, providing the best, most cost-effective and complete solutions based on innovation and technology, allowing our customers to operate successfully and to the highest safety standards.

Global underground construction expertise

The MasterRoc product range, supported by BASF's global underground construction experts, is a world leader in the provision of reliable solutions that are focused on the needs of tunneling and mining engineers, owners and contractors. By connecting with our customers from project start-up, we provide solutions ranging from product selection to training and application consultancy.

MasterRoc TSG 800

MasterRoc TSG 800 is a tail sealant for shielded tunnel boring machines (TBMs). 

MasterRoc SA 160

MasterRoc SA 160 is suitable for all applications, where exceptionally high early strength, good final strength and extremely thick layers are required.

MasterRoc TSG 6

MasterRoc TSG 6 is designed for use in conditions where the ambient temperature will usually remain above 10°C.

MasterRoc TSG 9

MasterRoc TSG 9 effectively seals the gap between the shield and concrete segments to prevent the ingress of water, grout or soil.


Injection brochure: Solutions for underground construction

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MasterRoc SA 160: Technical Data Sheet

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Project Reference: Jurong Rock Cavern: MasterRoc

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Technical Data Sheet - MasterRoc TSG 800

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