MasterBrace ADH 1406 (Formerly: Concresive1406), is epoxy based repair, anchorage and adhesive mortar with two components.

MasterBrace ADH 1406 Fields of Application

  • Chemical anchoring in concrete and brick walls,
  • Repair and insulating of wide cracks,
  • Bonding of various types of construction materials such as steel, concrete, brick to each other,
  • Cap seal and entry ports installation in epoxypolyurethane injection works,
  • Fixing the guard bars and seismic isolators to the bridges and viaducts,
  • Anchoring the rods and deformed bars to the concrete, stone or brick.

MasterBrace ADH 1406 Features and Benefits

  • Pasty consistency, easy to apply and non- sag properties in over-head applications.
  • Perfect adhesion to the concrete and steel.
  • Resists to chemicals.
  • Water and gas impermeable.

Direct contact

Özgün Özeren

Industry Segment Sales Responsible BASF


MasterBrace® ADH 1406

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MasterBrace® ADH 1406(Formerly known as Concresive® 1406)

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