MasterFlow 920 AN 

Universal, High Performance, Methacrylate Resin Based, Styrene Free, Anchoring Mortar

MasterFlow® 920 AN is a two-component, high performance thixotropic, styrene free, and methacrylate based chemical anchoring mortar. The product is specially designed for applications where medium and heavy loads are to be fixed in hollow blocks or solid material. Both components of MasterFlow® 920 AN, packed in a single cartridge with separate compartments, are correctly mixed in the mixing nozzle while pressing the material out of the cartridge.

The performance characteristics of MasterFlow 920 AN are covered by:
  • ETA-07/0091-Stainless steel
  • ETA-07/0092-Galvanised steel
  • ETA-11/0146-Rebar

MasterFlow 920 Fields of Application

  • Anchoring of rebars in preformed holes in concrete
  • Fixing of anchoring bolts,
  • Fixing of bolts, screws and beaming plates
  • Installation of bonded rebars / shear reinforcement

MasterFlow 920 AN Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use, no mixing required
  • High adhesive power
  • Fast curing for quick installation
  • For medium and high load fixing


MasterFlow 920 AN: Technical Data Sheet (December 2015)

pdf (1.48 Mb)