MasterGlenium 126 (Formerly: Glenium 126), is a polycarboxylic ether based final strength increasing workability extending non set retarding versatileconcrete admixture developed for readymix concrete.

MasterGlenium 126 Fields of Application

  • In the production of pumpable and nonpumpable high quality readymix concrete,
  • In the production of self compacted concrete that can easily set to densely reinforced concrete elements.
  • In the production of non-segrating, flowable Rheoplastic concrete.

MasterGlenium 126 Features and Benefits

For Readymix Concrete Producers

  • Enables the supply of high quality concrete to construction sites whenever needed.

For Contractors

  • Guarantees the delivery of the concrete ordered in readymix concrete plant to the construction site as “desired and defined in the construction site”.

For Engineers

  • Guarantees the concrete’s compatibility to the standards.

Direct contact

Nuhay Özel

Admix. System Sales Mng.


MasterGlenium® 126

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