MasterGlenium 51 (Formerly: Glenium 51), is a polycarboxylic ether based, high range water reducing new second generation super plasticizer concrete admixture developed for readymix concrete and precast industry that needs high early and final strengths and durability.

MasterGlenium 51 Fields of Application

  • In the production of self consolidating and self compacting concrete.
  • In the production of Rheodynamic concrete that can easily set to densely reinforced concrete elements.
  • In the production of 18 – 24 hours and 28 days high strength concrete.

MasterGlenium 51 Features and Benefits

  • Improves concrete’s early and final compressive and flexural strengths, adherence to steel, and impermeability compared to traditional super plasticizers (NSF or MSF).
  • Improves concrete’s mechanic properties like carbonation, resistance to chlorine ion attack, resistance to aggressive chemicals, shrinkage, and creeping.
  • Enables the production of low water/cement ratio, low segregation and leaching risk Rheoplastic concrete.

Direct contact

Nuhay Özel

Admix. System Sales Mng.


MasterGlenium® 51

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