MasterGlenium SKY 506M is a polycarboxylic ether based, high range water reducing, early and final strength increasing, workability maintaining, new second generation superplasticizer concrete admixture developed for readymix concrete industry and suitable for Total Performance Control concept.

MasterGlenium SKY 506 M Fields Of Application

  • In the production of pumpable and nonpumpable high quality readymix concrete,
  • In the production of Smart Dynamic Concrete with MasterMatrix that can easily set to densely reinforced concrete elements.
  • In the production of non-segrating, flowable Rheoplastic concrete.

MasterGlenium SKY 506 M Features and Benefits

For Readymix Concrete Producers:

Enables the supply of high quality concrete to construction sites whenever needed.

For Contractors:

Guarantees the delivery of the concrete ordered in readymix concrete plant to the construction site as “desired and defined in the construction site”.

For Engineers:

Guarantees the concrete’s compatibility to the standards

Direct contact

Nuhay Özel

Admix. System Sales Mng.


MasterGlenium® SKY 506M

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