MasterRheobuild T1 (Formerly known as: Rheobuild T1), is a superplasticizer designed especially for underground construction works. Compared to traditional superplasticizers MasterRheobuild T1 has a more powerful dispersing effect and is designed for wet mix sprayed concrete.

MasterRheobuild T1Fields of Application

  • Temporary and final sprayed concrete linings
  • Single Shell Linings
  • Wet system sparayed concrete applications where high early and final strength is needed
  • Backfill grouting applications behind the segments where long term slump retention is needed

MasterRheobuild T1Features and Benefits

  • Allows for highly workable concrete at the lowest w/c ratio – without segregation and bleeding.
  • Provides extended open time to allowtransportation and placing of the sprayedconcrete, even hours after batching.
  • Provides reduced wear and tear on the pump

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Nuhay Özel

Admix. System Sales Mng.


MasterRheobuild® T 1

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