MasterRoc HCA 20 (Formerly: DELVOCRETE STABILISER) is a chemical system for the storage and reuse of truck mixer wash water and fresh concrete and a set retarding agent for concrete.

How does MasterRoc® HCA 20 work?

The manufacture of ready-mixed concrete has always caused the problem of disposing of process waste, that is, ready-mix truck wash water and relatively small amounts of unused concrete.

Thanks to its ability of controlling cement setting times, MasterRoc HCA 20 offers in the concrete manufacturing process the concept of “zero waste production”: no more wash water from ready-mix trucks and no more unused fresh concrete to dispose of. MasterRoc HCA 20 allows the reuse of all the wash water the next day or after a weekend, with no need for reclaimer units or slurry pits. Moreover, MasterRoc HCA 20 allows unused fresh concrete to be kept inside the ready-mix truck and be reused the next day or after a weekend.

What is MasterRoc® HCA 20 used for?

MasterRoc HCA 20 is optimized for use in the stabilisation of concrete mixer waste and the stabilisation of reused or fresh concrete.

What are the benefits of MasterRoc® HCA 20?

MasterRoc HCA 20 offers the following benefits:

  • Stabilisation and reuse of concrete wash water from ready-mix trucks overnight or over a weekend. Stabilised concrete wash water is reused as mix water in fresh concrete manufacture. In addition, it ensures better cleaning of the inside parts of ready-mix trucks. All this with no need for reclaimer or recycler units, and ensuring a considerable saving. This also impacts on labour costs as less time is necessary for wash out operations, and because truck mixer blades need less frequent maintenance.
  • Leftover fresh concrete can be held and reused overnight or over a weekend. again, without requiring reclaimer or recycler units, thus providing considerable cost effectiveness thanks to the elimination of the operating costs of handling and the subsequent disposal of solid waste.
  • Eliminates environmental concerns about the disposal of wash out slurry or unused fresh concrete.
  • Concrete obtained by the reuse of wash water and concrete treated with MasterRoc HCA 20 provides equal or higher performances than reference concrete of equal composition.
  • Allows environment conservation since it eliminates the presence of waste in the concrete manufacturing process, thus being beneficial both to the community and to the ready-mix producer’s image.


MasterRoc® HCA 20

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