MasterRoc SA 545 (Formerly: MEYCO SA 545) - a set accelerating admixture for sprayed concrete

How does MasterRoc® SA 545 work?

MasterRoc SA 545 is a high performance alkali-free, non-caustic and non-toxic accelerator for use in the dry-mix sprayed concrete process. It is a powder additive whose dosage can be varied to the desired setting and hardening times.

What is MasterRoc® SA 545 used for?

MasterRoc SA 545 is suitable for all applications where high early strength, high final strength and very thick sprayed concrete layers are required. MasterRoc SA 545 is used for temporary and permanent ground support in tunnelling and mining; slope stabilization and for repair works.

What are the benefits of MasterRoc® SA 545?

  • Overhead layer thickness of 10-15 cm in a single application
  • Rapid work process
  • Good early strength development
  • Limits the decrease of final strength
  • Improves durability as compared to mixes with traditional accelerators
  • Provides an improved working environment
  • Reduces salt content in leaching water

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MasterRoc® SA 545

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