MasterRoc TSG 6 (formerly: Meyco TSG 6) tail shield sealant is for shielded tunnel boring machines (TBMs). MasterRoc TSG6 sealant effectively seals the gap between the shield and concrete segments to prevent the ingress of soil, water or grout. MasterRoc TSG 6 sealant is formulated to resist water and ground pressures and will not break down under high mechanical pressures. It has excellent pumping properties and will adhere to most metal or concrete surfaces.

MasterRoc TSG 6 Fields of Application

  • Excellent pumping properties
  • Excellent sealing properties
  • Adheres to any metal or concrete surface
  • Flame resistant
  • Environmentally safe

MasterRoc TSG 6 Features and Benefits

  • Prevents the ingress of soil, water or grout into shielded TBMs
  • Provides corrosion protection to wire seals