MasterSet AC 326B (Formerly: Pozzolith 326B) is a calcium nitrate salt based set accelerating/plasticizer concrete admixture suitable for cold weather conditions that increases set acceleration and early strengths by increasing the reaction between water and cement especially at the start of set.

MasterSet AC 326B Fields of Application

  • In the production of pumpable and nonpumpable high quality readymix concrete.
  • In roller compacted concrete applications.
  • In the production of grout and concrete in dam constructions.

MasterSet AC 326B Features and Benefits

  • Reduces concrete’s initial and final set time compared to concrete without admixture.
  • Especially in cold weathers, protects concrete from freezing effect by giving early strength.
  • MasterSet AC 326B does not contain chloride.

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Nuhay Özel

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MasterSet® AC 326B

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