MasterTile FLX 29 (Formerly: Ultrafleks) is a cement based highly stable high performance adhesive used in adhesion of ceramics, granites, cottos, press bricks, porcelains, glass mosaics, marbles, natural and composed stones to all kinds ofsurfaces.

MasterTile FLX 29 Fields of Application

  • In inner and outer areas for horizontal applications.
  • In the application of ceramics, granite
  • ceramics, big sized flagstones, cottos, base bricks, and smooth and rough surfaces of natural stone plates.
  • In the adhesion of ceramics, granites, marbles, natural stones, and glass mosaics on surfaces effected from temperature differences such as; plasterboard, gypsum-plaster, heat insulation sheets, gas concrete, after primering with MasterTile P 300

MasterTile FLX 29 Features and Benefits

  • Special light weight fine sealant combination produced with high technology.
  • Has nearly double coverage compared to known adhesives.
  • Easy to prepare and apply. High flexibility.

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Serdar Kara

Segment Manager


MasterTile® FLX 29

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