MasterTile FLX 555 (Formerly: Fleksfuga) is a cement based, grouting material decorative for ceramic, tile, marble and granite interlines which is not effected by water and which is resistant against vibrations, elongations and contractions due to temperature changes.

MasterTile FLX 555 Fields of Application

  • Indoor spaces, in vertical and horizontal applications,
  • In filling the grouting holes of ceramics, tiles, marble and granite adhered on existing surfaces.
  • Shopping centers.

MasterTile FLX 555 Features and Benefits

  • Prepared and applied easily
  • Does not scratch silvered surfaces.
  • It is suitable for grouting holes with the widths 2 - 8 mm.

Direct contact

Serdar Kara

Segment Manager


MasterTile® FLX 555

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