MasterTile NTS 570 (formerly: Karrafug), is a cement based decorative and waterproof joint sealant material used especially in sensitive natural stone, marble and granite joints that is resistant to vibrations and lengthening and shortening caused by tempeture differences.

MasterTile NTS 570 Fields of Application

  • Indoor and outdoor areas.
  • For in vertical and horizantal application.
  • For heated screeds, balconies and terraces.
  • For grouting natural stone tiles sucg as marble, travertine, granite, solnhofen stone etc.
  • For joint widths from 1 to 8 mm.

MasterTile NTS 570 Features and Benefits

  • Crack-free hardening, the grout does not crack or crumble.
  • Rapid setting, can be washed quikly and is walkable after approx. 6 hour, enables efficient working.
  • Waterproof and frost resistant, multi-purpose use indoor and out.

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Serdar Kara

Segment Manager


MasterTile® NTS 570

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