is a floor coating system appliedin a thickness of 3-6 mm having high chemical and solvent strength, obtained from the modification of polyurethane based resins with special additives and chemicals, formed with pecial filling addition.

UCRETE MF Features and Benefits

  • Food, Medicine and Chemical Industries
  • Laboratories
  • Production Sites
  • Industrial Plants
  • Packaging and Warehousing Areas

UCRETE MF Advantages

  • Thermal Resistance: 3 mm Ucrete MF does not lose its feature at constant 60oC. Thermal Strength increases as the thickness increases.
  • Odourless: It is non solvent and odourless coating according to Campden and Chorleywood Food tests
  • Stroke Resistance: It has high mechanical features due to Low Elasticity Module. It does not induce partial breakings and cracks under these impacts.
  • Absorption: Ucrete MF has zero absorption according to the tests under CP. BM2/67/2.