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    Mugisha Kalembo

    Technical Sales Engineer


    P.O. Box 106101, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
    Visit Address: Coca Cola Rd, Plot/Block No.2/1. Mikocheni Light, Industrial Area


    Functions: Adhesives, Air- and Water-Resistive Barriers, Backfilling, Chemical Anchoring, Flooring, Ground Consolidation, Ground Support, Grouting, Innovations, Masonry Refurbishment, Passive Fire Protection, Producing Cement, Producing Concrete, Protecting Concrete, Repairing Concrete, TBM Operations, Tile Setting, Waterproofing and Sealing, Watertight Concrete Solutions: For Bridges, Rail and Roads, For Education, For Health and Care, For Marine Structures, For Non-residential Buildings, For Parking Decks, For Residential Buildings, For the Cement Industry, For the Chemical Industry, For the Concrete Industry, For the Electronics Industry, For the Food and Beverage Industry, For the Mining Industry, For the Oil and Gas Industry, For the Pharmaceutical Industry, For the Power Generation Industry, For the Tunneling Industry, For the Watermanagement Industry, For Urban Living, For Wind Energy Foundations and Towers Brands: Master X-Seed, MasterAir, MasterBrace, MasterCast, MasterCell, MasterCem, MasterColor, MasterEase, MasterEmaco, MasterFiber, MasterFinish, MasterFlow, MasterFlow AN, MasterGlenium, MasterGleniumAce, MasterGleniumSky, MasterInject, MasterKure, MasterLife, MasterMatrix, MasterPel, MasterPolyheed, MasterPozzolith, MasterProtect, MasterRheobuild, MasterRoc, MasterSeal, MasterSet, MasterSuna, MasterSure, MasterTile, MasterTop, MasterWeld, Ucrete, BioClad, Enershield, PCI, Senergy, Thermotek, Watson Bowman Acme