​MasterCast 121 is a multi-purpose adhesive, surface sealer, primer and bonding agent, admixture for mortar ​

How does MasterCast 121 work?

MasterCast 121 is multi role bonding agent and admixture for cementitious systems. ​

​Where can MasterCast 121 be applied?

  • As a bonding agent for cement screeds and render, plaster and concrete. 
  • As an admixture for mortar. 

What are the advantages of MasterCast 121?

  • Numerous applications from one product. 
  • Economical and simple to use. 
  • Exceptional adhesive properties. 
  • Quick drying. 

Product Information

Technical Data ​Sheet​​​


MasterCast 121 SDS

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MasterCast 121_TDS

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